"The first 60 Polish workers hired in 1997 had a double passport. That was in agreement with a law that Polish people from regions which were occupied by Germany in the Second World War, are entitled to keep the German nationality besides their Polish nationality. In 1945 the residents of those areas received their former (polish) nationality back, but kept a German nationality and passport as well, "said Roland van den Brand, General Director of SBA Flex.
What began in 1997 with furnished dormitories in the 'Heukeloms Hoefke' for temporary workers, from where the workers were taken in the morning to Oisterwijk by horse carriage to pick strawberries, has become a full and professional staffing company specialized in foreign labor. On average now about 850 temporary workers (80% Poland, 15% Romanians, 4% Baltic States and 1% other nationalities) are working, particularly in manufacturing, meat, food, metal, agricultural and logistics industry.
SBA Flex has 27 permanent employees in the Netherlands. In Poland, an additional 12 employees. They man the recruitment agencies in Opole, Rzeszów, Szczecin and Racibórz.
In 2017 SBA Flex opened its first recruitment agency in Bucharest Romania. Here we have 2 people working.